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A statically typed language inter-operable with Java. You can think of it as Java with an accent. The evolution of Java and C++ has slowed down considerably and programmers who are eager to use more modern language features are looking elsewhere. Scala is an attractive choice; in fact, I think it is by far the most attractive choice for programmers who want to move beyond Java or C++. Scala has a concise syntax that is refreshing after the Java boilerplate. It runs on the Java virtual machine, providing access to a huge set of libraries and tools. It embraces the functional programming style without abandoning object orientation, giving you an incremental learning path to a new paradigm. The Scala interpreter lets you run quick experiments, which makes learning Scala very enjoyable. Last but not least, like Java, Scala is statically typed, enabling the compiler to find errors, so that you don?t waste time finding them — or not?later in the running program.


book cover recommend book⇒Scala for the Impatient (2nd Edition)to book home
by Cay S. Horstmann 978-0-13-454056-6 paperback
publisher Addison-Wesley Professional B01MR67YSO kindle
published 2016-12-25
Scala is similar to Java, only terser.
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