rDoc : Java Glossary


A documentation-generating scheme similar to Javadoc used for Ruby. The rDoc processor scans for specially formatted comments in the source code and generates HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). Unlike Javadoc, rDoc has no formal mechanism to document the type or meaning of individual method parameters. The parameter name is supposed to suffice.
Basic Ruby rDoc Commands
Command Meaning
:title:xxxx Document title.
= major heading.
== minor heading.
--- horizontal rule.
* bulleted list.
9. numbered list.
[xxx] named list.
xxx:: aligned named list.
\ treat HTML tags following as literal text rather than markup.
http: hyperlink, URL (Uniform Resource Locator) appears in documentation.
link: relative local hyperlink, URL appears in documentation.
xxx[http://…] hyperlink with URL replaced by xxx text in documentation.
#-- ignore following comments.
#++ stop ignoring comments.

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