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Intersolve’s pioneering work on a Poly Version Control System. This allows you to track changes to software, to maintain multiple versions and to undo changes that did not work out. In future, version control systems will work at much finer granularity, allowing programmers to work much more independently without interfering with each other and will make it much easier to mesh the work of different programmers. A job concept similar to the map maker or circuit designer’s layer is the key. In future, version control systems will store the deep structure of a program (in Chomsky’s sense), rather than some particular textual representation. In other words, they will store source code as a directed graph (nodes and references) in a database and manipulate it as such rather that treating it as text and manipulating it with a text editor as we do now. This will allow you to view the same program is many different representations (e.g. decision table, flow chart, or traditional Java) without disturbing the data stored in the version control database.

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