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Posting an event refers to the JDK (Java Development Kit) 1.0 process of giving an event to a parent if the child did not completely handle it or vice versa. The postEvent routine for a component typically immediately calls the component’s handleEvent method. If handleEvent returns false, indicating the event is not yet completely handled, postEvent then calls the parent postEvent, percolating it on up. (The percolating may be done by the parent’s postEvent, or if it doesn’t handle it by the component’s postEvent.) If nobody handles it, postEvent posts the event to component’s peer. The key fact to understand is that postEvent insists on immediately completely handling the event. It does not requeue it to be done later. In JDK 1.1 post refers to putting an event into a queue destined for components. In datacommunications, post meants to place at electronic message in a public Internet usegroup newsgroup for all to see.

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