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Prior to computers, photographers would touch up photos and colourise the using translucent paints. Tools like Adobe Photoshop, PaintShop Pro allow digitally touching up photos, but much faster. You can do the same old things — remove blemishes, wrinkles, get rid of cracks in old photos, but also a whole new set of transformations, like simulating oil paintings in various styles, posterising etc. My sister Cynthia is starting up a little Internet business photopainting she calls Pixel Pixie. You provide the photo or image and she retouches it for $10.00 CAD to $15.00 CAD . She and her friends also make cards and bookmarks, or make custom cards and bookmarks for you. Such a bookmark would make a nice gift for each member of a book club, decorated with something significant to the club. You can see some of her work at
Tory Coombs

The image above is some of Cynth’s work. That is Torrance Coombs, my nephew who is a movie actor, best known for playing Thomas Culpeper in The Tutors miniseries.

super realism

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