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Nosodes are chemicals diluted to absurdity (less than one atom per dose) sold as effective medicines. Currently there are over 179 different nosode products that have been approved for sale by Health Canada under the Natural Health Product Regulations. The industry behind this scam is called homeopathy. There all kinds of other products sold on the net (e.g. penis enlargement pills, breast enhancement pills and green prosperity prayer handkerchiefs) that are similarly useless. Drug makers theoretically must show a drug is effective (though not necessarily better than existing drugs) before it can be marketed. Less serious are unsubstantiated health claims for foods or food supplements.

We can pester the government and various trade organisations to put a stop to this false advertising and fraud.

I have no problem with the sale of traditional herbs that have unsubstantiated medicinal benefits, so long as no unsubstantiated claims are made. I would not mind a label like this a traditional remedy for headache but this claim has not been substantiated. place to complain
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