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MNP (Microcom Network Protocol). In 1983. Microcom built error detection and correction into its modems. Many other brands of modems, to this day, are still incapable of detecting or correcting errors caused by static. Then Microcom magnanimously allowed other companies to use the same method. At present there are nine levels of MNP protocol, the bigger the number the better. If a level 5 modem and a level 9 modem talk, after negotiation, they will settle on using the level 5 protocol — the highest level common to both. MNP is tricky. Sometimes you must manually assist the modems to find a common level. Most of Tymnet/BIX uses MNP level 4 modems. In some parts of the USA Tymnet is now supporting MNP level 5. If you connect with a MNP level 5 modem, its compression features will be wasted, but the error-correcting features will be activated. Datapac (Canada’s packet net) does not use MNP at all. If you were to use your MNP modem on Datapac, none of its MNP error correction features could be activated. CCITT (Comité Consultatif International Téléphonique et Télégraphique) V.42 formalizes the MNP levels 1 to 4.

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