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There are at least five types of margin in Java.
  1. In a GridBagLayout you can specify the margin of whitespace around each Component by specifying the Insets in the GridBagConstraints.
  2. You can use JComponent.setBorder to set a decorative border, or padding or margins.
  3. For JButtons and JTextComponents such as JTextArea, there is also a setMargin method that specifies the amount of whitespace inside the Component between the edge and the text inside. Unfortunately it will not work on JLabels. I find it often does not work with JButtons either.
  4. You can use the ipadx and ipady parameters is a GridBagLayout to make a Button bigger than it needs to be just to contain the text. This is the most reliable way to get some space around the text on a button.
  5. And finally just to confuse you, there in the Container.insets method that gets the margin inside a Container. This is controlled by the native GUI (Graphic User Interface) and cannot be changed.
  6. Margins in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) style sheets.

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