Lockdown 2000 : Java Glossary

I have left this tombstone entry for historical interest.
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Lockdown 2000
Was a software firewall for Windows, later renamed Hacker Eliminator. It did a good job of allowing the computer unrestricted Internet access, but not allowing other computers in. Ironically, as they came out with newer and newer versions, it stopped warning you about as much as the earlier versions. It would still catch all trojans because they have to make registry entries, so that every time you boot, they are executed. It caught them by detecting registry changes. It checked every minute or so and it didn’t seem to slow down the computer. It did a whois on all incoming hack attempts and just in the latest version it did a node count. It cost about $100.00 USD . version 4.0 was probably the best. version 7.0 is current.

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