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An feature of Netscape 3.0+ that allows JavaScript-to-Java and Java-to-JavaScript communication. It is implemented via the JSObject class. Because Java is a strongly typed language with a large number of data types and JavaScript is an untyped language with relatively few types, LiveConnect provides the necessary data conversions, or wrappers in the case of objects. Java uses the JSObject Class for all object conversions and JavaScript uses a variety of JavaClass objects, JavaObject objects, JavaMethod objects, etc. Using LiveConnect, JavaScript programs can interact with Java Applets, Java-enabled Navigator plug-ins and built-in Java system classes on the browser. As well, Applets and Java-enabled plug-ins can interact with JavaScript, invoking functions and reading and writing properties. Internet Explorer version 3.0 does not support LiveConnect, dealing with Java Applets instead as ActiveX objects. The ActiveX interface provides only some of the capabilities of LiveConnect.

LiveConnect is also the name of Symantec’s utility to automatically upgrade their software and virus lists.

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