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There are many ways of paying for software. The idea of software as a service like phone service or cable TV service has not yet caught on. Instead software is sold as if it were a piece of furniture with restrictions on how you may use it. The sorts of licence you will most commonly see are: Most licenses include the preposterous requirement that you only make one backup of the program. The only sensible way to interpret that is you may make only one backup of the original CD (Compact Disc) to store offsite, not that you are prohibited of making more than one image backup (Ghost-style backup) of your hard disk.

You may or may not be permitted to sell your licence.

Enforcing licenses used to be difficult, but now that most computers are attached to the Internet, software can tattle back to central usage monitoring software to tip off the lawyers to gross violations. It is now common for software to be branded with the owner’s name in a tamper-proof way.

It is interesting the various sorts of rules people make up in licence agreements. It is a window on what motivates people to program. Most people want to ensure anyone who uses their software gives them money. Others want recognition. Others want the purity of the original preserved. Others want wide distribution. Others want to make a political statement.

MyKeyFinder: free program to find licence keys of installed software
Sentinel HASP hardware and software tools to stop piracy of Java apps

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