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IBM (International Business Machines) ’s free certificate viewer and manager. It is written in Java though source in not included. It understands the following types of certificate: Windows certificate repositories, X.509/PKIX (certificates V3, CRLs (Certificate Revocation Lists) V2), PKCS (Public-Key Cryptography Standards) (#7, #10, #11, #12), Netscape certificate requests (SPKAC), Netscape db files. It does not understand PGP (Pretty Good Privacy). It will even guide you through the process of purchasing a certificate. It will let you import and export certificates between repositories. It lets you change the label/alias name. This lets you consolidate .keystore or cacerts. files.

It is just a great tool for figuring out what is in all those certificate and certificate repository files. The bat file in version 1.5 to kick it off is flawed. Modify it to look like this:

java -cp "%KMHOME%\;%CLASSPATH%" -Dkm.dir="%KMHOME%" Main %1
version 1.6 had a proper installer, but the certificate delete function was broken. You could still delete if you used the pulldown menu instead of the X delete button.

In version 1.69 you are back to manual install, but at least there are some instructions on what to do.

To use it, just open your C:\Documents and Settings\user\.keystore file and look at the private certificates. With keyman, you can do everything you can with keytool.exe, but using a GUI (Graphic User Interface). It is a lot more intuitive.

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