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aka jpackage, is a one-stop site for Linux users to download most of the popular Java packages neatly packaged in RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) format for easy installation on Linux Mandriva/Mandrake, Red Hat, Novell/SuSE and other RPM-supporting Linux distributions rather than wrestling with distributions direct from the originators in various Linux-unfriendly formats.

They have a non-free section as well, not free in the sense the JPackage people are restricted in how they can repackage and redistribute the sources or binaries. You still don’t have to pay anyone.

[What an idiotic thing for the software community to do, to use the word free so deliberately misleadingly ambiguously where it could mean no-fee, open-source or restributable.]

They also include nosrc RPMs (Revolutions Per Minutes) in the non-free section for packages like Oracle’s (JDK (Java Development Kit), JavaMail, etc.) where the license inhibits repackaging and redistribution, but by downloading the .nosrc.rpm from JPackage and manually downloading the source .zip from Sun and rebuilding with help from JPackage, you can integrate those into your package management system.

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