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A UTF-8 text editor that also has a Java beautifier. The current version is 5.5.0 Last revised/verified: 2018-04-10. Its most appealing feature is that the macro language is Java. There are over 200 existing plug-ins. You can write bits of Java code to help edit your text and insert them in the editor to be evaluated with Bean Shell. It is open source and written in Java. It can do the syntax highlighting for 200 different computer languages/file types. You can create more by writing an XML (extensible Markup Language) file to define the highlighting.

To key accented letters, you need to use the Accents plug-in. Use the following sequences to get accented letters:



RFEs (Request For Enhancements)


You can configure forts under Options ⇒ Appearance or Options ⇒ text area.


You must uninstall and reinstall JEdit any time you upgrade your Java JRE (Java Runtime Environment).

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