Javanese : Java Glossary


The way things are written in the Java computer language. I don’t mean bahasa Indonesia, the language of the people living on the island of Java. It also refers to the use of words from the Indonesian language for products: e.g. Gamelan and Krakatoa. Names still up for grabs as far as I know include: Senin (Monday), Tuan (Mr.), aman (safe), apel (apple), arlogi (watch), bahaya (danger), baik (lovely), baru (new), burung (bird), cek (cheque), kastil (castle), keputusan (decision), kompass (compass), kopi (coffee), kulit (skin), merah (red), panas (hot), persik (peach), pos (post), sutradara (director), tujuh (seven) (see Learn To Count Applet for other numbers.).

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