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Java Deployment Toolkit
The OBJECT and EMBED tags to invoke a Java Applet so ugly, so verbose, so impossible to maintain that with JDK (Java Development Kit) 1.8.0_131, that Oracle came up with a terser way to generate them with JavaScript. The problem is of course JavaScript behaves differently in every browser to compound the problem of the OBJECT and EMBED tags not being properly standardised. It is a recipe for flakiness and problems with lesser-known browsers. The saving grace is the scheme will automatically install Java if it is not already installed. I think that is just as easily and much more reliably, handled with a Jump to Java button.

It consists of a deployJava.js script that you upload to your website. Alternatively you can link it directly from Oracle’s website from either or for embedding in secure pages. The advantages of serving it locally include:

The advantages of serving it from Oracle include: There are JavaScript methods in it you can invoke to get a list of currently-installed JRE (Java Runtime Environment) versions, trigger the installation of the latest JRE generate an Applet tag, create a JWS (Java Web Start) launch button, etc.

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