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Oracle’s specification for a miniature Java to run on a smart card. The main concern is preventing apps from different vendors from interfering with each other. SLB had implemented a subset of Java to fit on a smart card using a 6805 microcontroller. There was a 4KB ROM (Read Only Memory) and an 8KB operating system. I could no longer find any mention of it on their website. Many of the vendors are Chinese. The typical customers of these devices, e.g. banks and credit card companies, buy in lots of at least tens of thousands. If you find vendors willing to humour experimentors, please let me know. I got a letter from my credit union saying they would be soon converting over to a smart debit card. The advantage there is no mag stripe to wear out and they are much harder to forge.


book cover recommend book⇒Securing Javato book home
by Gary McGraw and Ed Felton 978-0-471-31952-8 paperback
birth 1966 age:51
publisher Wiley
published 1999-01-25
Online errata are no longer available. Also covers JavaCard. website
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