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aka protective book dust jacket cover, (or almost any combination or permutation of those words). It has always bothered me that the dust jacket covers on my hard cover books eventually get so ratty I have to discard them (the covers, not the books). I set about to see if I could get my beloved  Concise Oxford English Dictionary Luxury Edition covered in transparent plastic the way libraries do. This task turned out to much more of an adventure than I expected. I peppered the people at Brodart, the leading supplier of supplies for doing this with questions. Eventually the clerk their said it would be simpler if she just sent me a free sampler pack to experiment with. I felt embarrassed that I had pestered them so much just to buy one jacket cover so I declined, but she insisted. That was quite generous of them, especially given I would never become a bulk customer. A package about 1 metre (3.28 ft) on a side arrived today. After a bit of fooling around, baffled by the purpose of a bit of stray plastic inadvertently stuck on the jacket I was trying to use, it turned out to be pretty simple after all.



You can’t buy just one cover. They come in bundles typically of 10, 25 and 100. Mainly libraries buy these things and in huge quantities. Unfortunately, the Brodart website is generally unclear when they give prices about how many covers are in the bundle. I suspect it is obvious to most of their customers from the price alone, just your local grocery store does not need to tell you that $4 of butter is one pound.

When you set out to buy, you will be overwhelmed by the number of choices.
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