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The technical term for arranging pages in pairs (or other groupings) for printing on a single sheet which is then folded (and cut if needed) to form a booklet.

To produce a 40 page booklet 2-up on 10 sheets of 8.5 by 11 paper, in Pagemaker you set the initial page size at the same as the final booklet page size, e.g. in this case 8.5 tall by 5.5 wide. Open the document and select Double Sided and Facing Pages.

Design the pages as you want with text flowing as appropriate from one page to the next.

Save the document. Now, click Utilities ⇒ Plug-ins ⇒ Build Booklet. Set the layout to 2-up saddle stitch and click OK. A new document with the pages correctly imposed will be created.

To do the calculations by hand, or to do them in Java, here is how a 2-up imposition works:

  1. The total number of pages must be a multiple of 4. Add blank pages if necessary.
  2. Let N equal the number of pages. The pages are numbered 1 to N.
  3. For each pair of pages, the sum of the page numbers on the same piece of paper must equal (N + 1), e. g. with 40 pages you pair 1 & 40, 2 & 39, 3 & 38.
  4. The odd numbered page of each pair always goes on the right. So actual pairings are 40 & 1, 2 & 39, 38 & 3, etc.
You can check out your calculations with a tiny mockup.

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