import static : Java Glossary


import static
Let’s you abbreviate references to static methods and fields in common classes. Most commonly it is used to import java.lang. System.err and java.lang.System.out so that you can refer to them as err and out respectively instead of System. err and System.out.

You can also use the wildcard form e.g. that lets you use all the methods in a class without the class name qualification, e.g.

import static java.lang.Math.*;


double y = cos(x) + tan(theta);

The wild card form is useful to give you unqualified access to all the enum constants or static finals of a class.

Sometimes you both import and import static, e.g.

import java.lang.Math;
import static java.lang.Math.sin;


double theta = Math.atan2( y, x );
double s = sin( g );
import static lets you access all the methods in a class using a wildcard syntax. It will not let you access all the classes and methods in a package with a wildcard syntax.

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