HTML Frames : Java Glossary


Frames in HTML
Start Tag End Tag description
<frameset rows=100,200> </frameset> surrounds rows of frames, pixels
<frameset rows=20%,80%> </frameset> relative space for each
<frameset rows=*,*> </frameset> let browser decide on spacing
<frameset cols=10,20> </frameset> surrounds cols of frames, pixels
<frameset cols=20%,80%> </frameset> relative space for each
<frameset cols=*,*> </frameset>  
<frameset frameborder=0 </frameset> no borders around the frames
<frame src=" > where to get the html to fill the frame
<frame name=someFrame > name a window for referencing via BASE
<frame noresize > Don’t let user change frame size
<frame scrolling=auto > yes, no, — scroll bars?
<frame marginheight=10 > pixels in border top/bottom.
<frame marginwidth=10 > pixels in border left/right.
<noframes> </noframes> sandwiches HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to render the page if the browser does or will not support frames.
<base target=someFrame href=>   In a menu frame document, one of the tiles. allows one frame to load documents into another named frame for following HREFs. The HREF provide a default base for any relative hrefs coming. You can also use the magic names _blank, _self, _parent and _top as your frame target. See below for details.
<a href=xxx.html target=someFrame>   Base is unchanged. Most browsers let you leave out the <BASE HREF, which allows code to work both locally and on a website, though strictly speaking the href is mandatory.
Frame Targets
Target description
_blank in a new, unnamed window.
charlie into the frame named charlie.
_parent into parent frame (or this frame if no parent).
_self in this frame.
_top into the full, original window (thus cancelling all other frames). This is how you get rid of all frames.
FORMS: specification
HTML 4.01 Specifications: current HTML Standard
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