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Kagi’s/CellSpark’s discontiuned free shareware tool for writing GridBagLayout software visually. It is still posted at CNET. GridBagLayouts have so many parameters that interact in subtle ways, it can take hundreds of trial compilations to get just the right effect. With a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor that does not require recompilation for each trial, you can greatly speed up the process. It requires  Java version 1.2 and Swing. It can’t import source code, so it is not useful for touching up an existing layout. It can export source code. You can however, save the layouts generated in proprietary format. You can load these up modify them and generate new source code.

The source code does not understand components. Everything is generated as class SomeComponent. You have to go in and change all the component types and fill in the various specific methods. It is not particularly visual. You do everything by modifying the properties, but you see the results right away.

It is more of a learning tool than a practical tool since it will happily discard all your work at the click of the wrong button.

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