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GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). A historic time standard derived by observing the sun at the prime meridian at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, England. It has been supplanted by the more stable SI (Systèm Internationale (metric)) UTC standard based on an atomic clock. People in the British Isles and Portugal use Western European time which is UTC (Coordinated Universal Time/Temps Universel Coordonné) +0 in winter and UTC +1 in summer.

The term GMT sometimes improperly used as a synonym for UTC. They are close, but not quite the same. The term GMT is sometimes improperly as a synonym used for Western European Time, however, neither GMT nor UTC has a summer change. Nobody in Britain would conflate them, but North Americans often do. Java uses the term Greenwich Mean Time inconsistently to sometimes include summer time and sometimes not. Java treats UTC and GMT as synonymous. See the leap second entry on how they are mushed together. See the TimeZone listings.

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