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global village
Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase global village to refer to the way modern transportation and communications were making the world ever more interconnected. We can no longer ignore what happens on the other side of the planet. Everything affects everything else.

Radio, TV and the Internet are bringing news, information and education to even the remotest parts of the world. No matter where you live, you can fully participate in forming the Internet discussion consensus.

However, much of this interconnectedness is distressing:

Learning More

A high school friend, Dr. Heather Hudson, who is a professor at the University of San Francisco has written a book on the effect of telecommunications on the third world.
book cover recommend book⇒From Rural Village to Global Village: Telecommunications for Development in the Information Ageto book home
by Heather Hudson 978-0-8058-6016-0 paperback
birth 1947 age:70 978-0-8058-5667-5 hardcover
publisher Lawrence Erlbaum Associates B00BNEIAJU kindle
published 2006-01-27
It is about the social policies surrounding access to telecommunications in rural and third world countries. It discusses the effect of the digital divide between have and have-not.
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