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Java lets you write applications for French-speaking users, either Parisian French or French Canadian. ResourceBundles let you make your apps multilingual. Layouts adjust box sizes to fit the text. The language code for French is fr and the country code for France is FR, locale fr-FR. French Canadian is locale fr-CA.

Unlike the Germans, the French prefer native words to borrowing from English. Here are a few examples:

English ⇔ French Computer Terminology
English French
array tableau
CD (Compact Disc) Cédé
computer ordinateur
database base de données
drag and drop glisser-déposer
email courriel
hardware matériel
plug-in plugiciel
program (software) logiciel
wizard magiciel

The French newsgroup for Java is called

If you have ideas for useful links for this entry, please pass them on. I would appreciate anything that would be useful for converting programs to work in French, or for French-speaking Java programmers. Information for people fluent in French to help them translate English technical terms is most welcome.

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