Trump’s Betrayal of the Right

During the election, Trump supporters told me they did not care if he was a racist, a rapist, a obsessive pussy grabber, a con man, a fraudster or a compulsive liar. All that mattered was he was going to make life miserable for Mexicans, Muslims, gays and Jews, that he was going to drain the swamp, that he was going to force corporations to stop exporting jobs and that he was never politically correct when he spoke.

He is not yet even president and he has backed off on his wall and locking out all Muslims. He has hired only insiders from Wall Street and corporations to his cabinet. This is far more insider influence than Obama’s cabinet had.

Trump lied about keeping all the Carrier jobs in the USA. Most of the jobs he took credit for saving are still leaving. Trump also took credit for jobs not scheduled to leave anyway. He is a compulsive liar. Expecting him to save jobs is utterly naïve.

He can’t very well hold jobs in the USA. To do it, he would have to pay corporations more money than they would make by exporting the jobs. That is a huge amount of money the treasury does not have. Money to hold a job has to come primarily from the taxes of that jobholder. It cannot be many times his taxes. Keeping jobs in the USA will drastically increase the cost of American-manufactured goods. America will not be able to sell goods on the global market. Further, American protectionist tariffs which generate counter tariffs. America will be at a double disadvantage selling to the world. If Trump is not careful, corporations will leave the USA altogether if it becomes more profitable. If Trump’s plan were practical, hundreds of politicians in dozens of countries would have already tried it out.

What he really should do is create new high tech jobs where America can successfully compete with other countries then help workers train for them.

Are Trump supporters experiencing buyers’ remorse, or are they still pretending he did not betray them with empty promises? They seem unusually silent.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)