Chicken Little

In the children’s story Chicken Little, a small piece of debris falls on Chicken Little’s head. He becomes convinced the sky is falling, and convinces his gullible friends indeed it is. Donald Trump is this way about terrorism. There are hundreds of things that will kill you more likely than a terrorist. He ignores them all. He is redirecting the budgets for education, domestic safety, pollution control, health, coast guard, search and rescue etc. to fight terrorism by vastly increasing the number of nukes.

He attempted to ban Muslims from the country by banning all people from countries who had never even sent a terrorist. On the other hand he did not ban Muslims from countries like Saudi Arabia that had made serious terrorist attacks. He made exceptions for countries with which he had business dealings. So perhaps his panic is more theatre than fear.

ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) are not intimidated by nukes. They long to be martyred. Terrorists infiltrate civilian populations that may hate them as much as we do. A nuke kills every one in a city. The radiation cloud and the plant-killing dust cloud envelope the earth. Using nukes means you think it better that no one on earth survive than any terrorists continue to live. Terrorists are not that intolerable. After all, they kill fewer people than mosquitos.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)