Why Did Trump Win?

The question is not really why did Trump win, but why did such a repulsive, incompetent candidate managed to win even 10% of the vote?

  1. FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) Directory James Comey broke the law repeatedly leaking information about his investigation of Hillary Clinton. Comey was a colleague of Mr Dirty Tricks, Karl Rove, in the George W. Bush cabinet. Just before the election, he announced a major scandal, (which Trump claimed was bigger than Watergate) when in actuality he had absolutely nothing.
  2. Without any evidence, Trump lied repeatedly that Hillary was embroiled in all kinds of major scandals. Hillary just ignored him, trusting nobody would believe him. However, his supporters believed every word that he said, even when he changed his positions daily.
  3. Trump exploited American bigotry against blacks, gays, Muslims, Hispanics and even women. He made bigotry respectable by jeering at anyone concerned with constitutional civil rights as excessively politically correct.
  4. Trump is loathsome, bigoted, lying and selfish. The average Trump supporter is loathsome, bigoted, lying and selfish. It was a perfect fit.
  5. Trump exploited the Christian fundamentalists who want to impose their religious superstitions about contraception and abortion on everyone else even if it means death and suffering. The fundamentalists ignored the 21 women accusing him of sexual assault/rape. They believed bullying others on abortion was more important. They hold a completely irrational view about what a blastula is. They treat it as some sort of god-like creature. It is just a small lump of cells. It cannot think. It cannot feel. They insist it be treated with more awe than a newborn.
  6. Trump discerned what his base wanted, then promised it to them, regardless whether it was possible or constitutional. He has created massive expectations that he will not be able to deliver. The supporters will gradually catch on it was a pack of empty promises.
  7. Trump used hypnosis.
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)