The Muslim Ban

Trump claims his travel ban is in no way a Muslim ban. We know this is untrue because:

The constitution says there may not be a religious test for any reason. Trump tried to do an end-run around that. Further President Johnson’s 1965 Hart-Celler law forbids discrimination based on country of origin.

What Trump is doing is reminiscent of Hitler. Hitler started with harassing Jews. Then he started throwing them out of the country. Then he confiscated their property. Then there was Kristallnacht. Then there were the trains to the holiday camps. Muslims have good reason to be nervous about Trump flouting the constitution.

To my great joy, one judge rescinded the ban, and another refused Trump’s appeal. Trump referred to the judge as a so-called judge. If Trump were not the president and he said that in court, Trump would be facing some jail time for contempt of court.

Why is Trump doing this? For the same reason Hitler did. Every demagogue needs a scapegoat on which to blame anything that goes wrong and the source of any unflattering story about him. By Trump teaching followers to fear Muslims, they cling to him as rescuer and ignore his faults. Followers also fear and obey him, wondering if they may be the next targets of his wrath.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)