Trump and Climate Change

Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Scott Pruitt and Rick Perry are all rabidly anti-science when it comes to climate change. Scott Pruitt has very close ties to the fossil fuel industry. They have said they want to dismantle the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Why would they want to pollute the air, water and soil? Why would they want to make the earth uninhabitable with climate change?

First of all, consider that Trump never saw a living tree during his childhood. His bare foot never touched soil. He never drank tap water or water from a stream. He drank only imported bottled water so the importance of clean tap water never dawned on him. He breathed only air that was contaminated with automobile exhaust. He can’t even imagine what mountain air smells like. He lived in a completely artificial world encased in concrete and steel with everything plated in gold, with not even so much as a living house plant.

Trump learned from his father that nothing matters except having the most money. He learned it is good to cheat and it is good to make others miserable. Even the survival of yourself and others is irrelevant. He has no place in his brain or heart to value the environment. He was raised to be the epitome of crassness, selfishness and conceit. He believes he knows better than all the world’s scientists, even though he has done no research.

Trump has doomed the planet. Perhaps someone can shake him out of his anti-environmental trance, or some brave consortium of countries will impeach or assassinate him.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)