Now that Trump has Won…

Now that Trump has won and it looks as if Republican senate and congress will him do what he said he would do…

  1. Trump will reverse all efforts to contain climate change and send the world past the tipping point of no return. It is thus a matter of life and death for every person on earth to stop him.
  2. Trump will use a small nuke in battle to prove to the world he would be willing to do much worse. He is essence a bully and can hardly wait to get his hands on the ultimate bully tool. That will likely trigger all-out-war.
  3. The USA will default on its debt. Bankruptcy after stripping assets is how Trump acquired his wealth. This will trigger a global shock wave.
  4. Trump will bankrupt the country with military spending, his massive tax cuts, his wall and rounding up illegal aliens.
  5. Trump will trample the civil rights of Latinos, blacks, gays, Muslims, non-Christians and anyone else who does not adore him.
  6. Trump will drastically curtail international trade by reneging on trade agreements and instituting high tariffs.
~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)