Uniquely Naming Baby With Google

We humans have names so we can talk about each other and know which person we mean. Now we have become a global village, there are huge numbers of Jim Smiths and we can’t tell them apart with Google or computer databases. It causes all manner of confusion. People can be wrongfully presumed to be sex offenders, financial deadbeats, criminals, no-fly terrorists, authors, celebrities… because of the activities of other people with the same name.

To avoid this problem, look up a candidate name for your baby with Google and see how many hits it generates. Ideally it should be zero. Then when your child grows up, when people go looking for information, they will not be confused by false Google hits or swamped with information about other people.

Check that your candidate name does not mean enema in Swedish etc.

It is extremely patronising, rude and presumptuous to choose a name from the bible except for a few very common names such as David, James, John, Mark and Peter. If your child does not select Christianity as an adult, it will make it much more difficult for him to join his new community. Further, his whole life he will be stigmatised as if he were Amish.

Don’t get creative with spelling. It will make it much harder to look him up. Further his name will more often than not be misspelled.

A name perfect for a newborn will likely be way too cutesy for an adult.

Check out the initials to make sure you have not inadvertently spelled out something unfortunate, e.g. SOB (Son Of a Bitch).

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)
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