Abortionists are Murderers

Abortionists are murderers; therefore they should be executed.

~ A Christian Lake of Fire

This Christian is wrong on five points:

  1. Murder is defined as killing that is against the law. Abortion is not against the law, so it is not murder. The Christian would like the law to define abortion as murder, but it currently does not.
  2. Murder is killing a human being. Killing a single cell or a group of cells too small to see is like killing a blood cell. It is not killing a person. Such a belief betrays a complete lack of knowledge of biology. Christians are treating something almost indistinguishable from pond scum as equivalent to a fully formed human baby.
  3. Murder is usually punished by the state with imprisonment and sometimes after exhaustive legal safeguards, with execution. There is no justification for vigilante killing of abortionists. If Catholics want abortionists executed, they must first lobby to get the law changed.
  4. The prohibition against abortion is a religious belief. The first amendment forbids the state forcing religious superstitions on non-believers. It is even more wrong-headed than a law mandating fish on Friday.
  5. The only alternative to abortion is contraception, but the silly buggers want that banned too.