The Koch brothers want to disband all public health care, even for the elderly, disabled and indigent. They want all the money the government spends on health care to be given to them. They don’t need it. For them, money is just a competitive sport. They love the idea of making people they despise suffer and die.

Trump promised a cheaper, better Obamacare with more choice. To stop him from getting that, (or a watered down version) the Koch brothers corrupted the congressmen and senators with hundreds of millions in bribes. They publicly offered the bribe on the condition the politician on 2017-03-24 vote against Trump’s health care bill. The Kochs were able to buy enough Republican votes to kill the bill, to Trump’s humiliation.

The Roberts court in the Citizens United decision ruled that bribing politicians with unlimited amounts was perfectly legal, on the grounds if you blocked bribes it would interfere with the freedom of speech of folks like the Kochs. This is madness, they can still express their opinions. They just should not be permitted to overrule the will of the entire country.

There needs to be a constitutional amendment to limit campaign contributions so the Kochs cannot buy the entire political system.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)