Crappy US Medical Care

Anyone who claims American private medicine is superior to Canadian universal healthcare clearly has not experienced both. I have, since I lived in the US and made many visits. My experiences with the US health care system were nightmarish. All they cared about was the paperwork for extracting as much money as possible. They did not give a hoot about the patients, even to the point of repeatedly giving drugs that were obviously causing severe allergic reactions. They treated patients like cattle. I consider their behaviour criminal. On top of that, statistics show the average American spends $8000 a year on health care and the average Canadian $4000 (through taxes and Medical Service Plan insurance fees), The US care is substandard, #42, below all other developed countries in the world, on par with impoverished Cuba. Americas are so conceited they pretend theirs is #1 even though their own C.I.A. says otherwise.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)