Levels of Desire

In your personal life, you primary concern is security, a place to live, food, health care, safety… Once that is under control you seek pleasure: music, entertainment, games, toys, athletic pursuits, travel… One that is doing well, you seek power: influence in the community, chairmanships, published letters, websites, political office, enforcing your views on others… Given how many threats to security there are, I would expect voters to choose candidates mainly on security issues such as:

  1. global warming
  2. environmental collapse
  3. preventing soil erosion
  4. support for those who get seriously ill or lose their jobs.
  5. Creating a peaceful world where we are unlikely to be attacked.

But they don’t . They ignore the security issues and go instead for lower priority power issues, e.g. punishing people for being gay or for having abortions.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)