Where did the CO₂ Come From?

How do we know that humans are responsible for the recent drastic rise in atmospheric CO₂?

  1. There are three isotopes of carbon C₁₂, C₁₃ and C₁₄. There are correspondingly three types of CO₂. Each source of CO₂ has a characteristic profile of the three types of carbon. For example, volcanos have no C₁₃. Fossil fuels have no C₁₄. Living plants contain C₁₄. By looking at the profile of atmospheric CO₂ we know it came from burning fossil fuels.
  2. For hundreds of years, governments have been keeping track of the production of various fossil fuels. You can accurately calculate how much CO₂ was produced when the fuels were burned.
  3. Starting in 1896, scientists have been warning that burning fossil fuels would affect the climate in deleterious ways from excess CO₂.
  4. There is no natural process to explain the sudden bloom of CO₂.
  5. There is no natural process to explain all the CO₂ from burning fossil fuels disappearing. We know half dissolved in the ocean and half is accumulating in the atmosphere.
Are humans contributing only 3% of CO2 in the atmosphere? click to watch ~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)