Christian Bigotry

Washington state was scheduled to begin granting same-sex marriages on 2012-06-07, but Christian bigots forced this to a 2012-11 voter referendum. Christians expressed their bigotry in previous centuries by forcing people to accept Christianity (and their particular sect) at pain of being burned alive. Christians again are trying to force their religious superstitions on others, spitting on the constitution and its guarantee of freedom of religion (including freedom from Christianity). Civil rights are supposed to be absolute and inalienable. They should not be decided with a popularity contest poll. Forcing religious superstitions down an unwilling throat should never be legal, no matter how many bigots approve of their own crimes. Unfortunately, Christian bigots have gained control of the supreme court and have been dismantling the guarantees of equal rights in the constitution.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)