747 in a Junkyard

It is really quite funny when an illiterate Christian quotes the old 747 in a junk yard hurricane argument for the existence of a creator god then smiles smugly. Since they have never read even one book about evolution, they don’t realise they have it exactly backwards. They don’t realise they are parroting a hoary, dishonest straw man argument. The error is like marveling that all the players in the NHL (National Hockey League) are exceedingly good and claiming that the odds of this happening randomly are astronomical. Well you ninny. There is nothing random about the selection of which players get into the NHL. The problem is your naïve misunderstanding of how the player selection process works. Anthony Robbins completely lost my respect when he quoted this old canard.

Here is another analogy. Let us say you set up an aquarium filled with delicious foods (at least to a frog). The only way in is via a 1 cm (0.39 in) pipe. You set the aquarium out in a swamp and you came back the next day and lo, the aquarium was filled with tiny frogs. Miracolo, miracolo! you exclaim. If frogs went into the aquarium randomly, they should be all sizes. But again, the vetting process was not random and it did not require a conscious agent either. It was just a dumb old pipe.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)