The Most Hated Woman on the Internet

Jacine Jadresko of Victoria BC (where I live) is a sadistic young woman who dedicates her life to slaughtering endangered animals. She loves freaking people out who disapprove. She smeared her face with blood and ate a raw lion heart. She bragged The more people complain, the more I will kill. She behaves like a snotty little brat of a child.

She denies what she does is killing. She insists it is harvesting as if she were a farmer gathering the pumpkins she had raised. As you would expect, she discards the meat.

In her view, animals have no right to life, not even ones with brains much larger than hers. All that matters is her sadistic pleasure. Come to think of it, I would derive great pleasure from beheading her, but I do not consider that sufficient reason to decapitate her. I wish she shared my restraint. sourcephotos

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)