The Madness of Kellyanne Conway

Trump is slowly driving Kellyanne Conway mad. He sends her out into the world to defend his indefensible lies, his flip flops, his denials of reality and his unconstitutional plans. The only way to do what he commands is to deny reality, lie outrageously and to deny there is any problem when people complain that she is spouting nonsense. She got to the point where she was effectively claiming Trump lives in an alternative reality, and she is reporting the facts in his private universe, with her famous alternative facts assertion.

You could understand what she is doing as cynical demagogic mind fucking. But she went beyond the bazoo and invented the Bowling Green massacre that never happened. She imagined she would get away with it because so many Trump supporters swallowed her lies in past. She seems to think there is no practical difference between what she makes up and what actually happened.

Usually when this happens to people, we commit them to an institution in a low-stress environment to give them time to reconnect to reality. If we allow Trump to keep abusing Kellyanne this way, she could well go postal. Trump should think ahead. If she snaps, she knows far too much. Trump would have to have her killed.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)