The Big Lie Worked for Hitler

Both Hitler and Trump made great use of the big lie. They would make some preposterous assertion. No one in their right mind would tell such a wild lie, so many people, especially supporters, presumed it must be true. They offer no evidence to support it, but they repeat the lie over and over via surrogates. The public hear the lie many times more often than the truth. They come to believe the lie is the consensus.

The key to a successful big lie is to keep the public from hearing any refutation of it. Hitler had absolute control of the media. He could also order killed anyone who disagreed with him. As a result, the German people never heard anything contrary to Hitler’s lies. For personal safety, they had to pretend to believe the lies, which spread them further.

In contrast, Trump has no control over the media or the Internet. There are far too many people disagreeing with him to order killed. But Trump foolishly imagines his big lies will work as successfully as Hitler’s, e.g. Obama is not an American, Obama tapped the Trump Tower phones, Trump won by the biggest majority in history, Trump had the biggest inaugural crowd in history, none of the many Trump operatives who met with the Russians discussed removal of the sanctions, the issue of greatest interest to the Russians and to Exxon-Mobil or about how the Russians were rigging the election for Trump’s benefit.

The Christian church also uses the same big lie technique to sell its preposterous stories with endless repetition and threats.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)