The Slippery Slope

Various groups representing the disabled have reacted in horror to the Canadian supreme court ruling that physician assisted suicide is now legal under certain conditions. They are worried about a Nazi-like slippery slope, when they will be euthanised without their permission, or when they are forced to request euthanasia.

The slippery slope is a paranoid delusion. Nobody wants anybody, abled or disabled, killed against their will. Nearly all Canadians would be horrified at the idea of killing people who did not want to be killed. There is no pressure to slide along this imaginary slope. Nobody wants the state killing people who have not requested it, especially themselves. That is insane! The disabled feel marginalised and unwanted, and have projected this dejection into a delusional plot to kill them.

This is not only nuts, it is selfish. The disabled believe their imagined paranoid worries about the future should trump the actual suffering of the terminally ill. 

Further, a formal procedure to request death offers additional levels of protection from being killed. There will be many lawyers, doctors and bureaucrats to complain to about improprieties. The way things were, all euthanasia (both requested and murder) occurred on the quiet without review, a situation far more prone to abuse.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)