Graham James

Graham James was a hockey coach who had sex with several of his male charges. He was convicted of about 300 counts of sex with a teenager under 18 and jailed. The boys are now adults. They take no responsibility whatsoever for what happened. They portray themselves as helpless victims calling for even longer prison sentences for Mr. James. Something does not add up. How could James have sex approximately 100 times with each boy without some degree of co-operation of the boys? I think what is going on is the boys were horny and fully co-operated. As adults they are ashamed and have affected victimhood.

In 2008-05 the age of consent in Canada was raised from 14 to 16. At the time of the alleged offense, the age of consent was 14, but James was judged the much more prudish modern standard of 18. An offence must be judged by the laws in effect at the time of the offence.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)