Early Opposition to Canadian Health Care

When Canada set up its universal health care system, there was violent opposition and massive strikes. Doctors and insurance companies predicted all manner of doom, much as the Republicans did in the USA over Obamacare. However, it worked out. It was much cheaper. The quality of the care was much better. Here in BC, now, there is a corporation trying to set up a two tier system, where the rich would get faster, more elaborate care. To my surprise, the doctors are the ones most opposed to it, the ones where were originally most opposed to government health care. Now, if Canadian politicians suggested eliminating or ever cutting back on universal health care, he would have no chance of re-election. It is amusing that Americans have been tricked into avoiding better and cheaper health care than what they have now, care that has been tested successfully in dozens of countries. It is almost like watching children afraid of ice cream who have been scared off it by fundamentalists.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)