Science Deniers

What would you think of someone who said, Those rocket scientists don’t know the first thing about rockets. They are using the wrong fuel. They are all conspiring to keep us from discovering the aliens on the other side of the moon. This almost never happens.

People defer to expert scientists on medicine, aircraft design, metallurgy, particle physics, navigation, chemistry… There are a few exceptions — the anti-vaxers, the homeopathy enthusiasts and the faith healers.

But when it comes to geology and biology, the majority of Americans flat out reject science and embrace a preposterous religious myth. But the most dangerous of all are the climate change deniers, most notably Donald Trump and Senator James Inhofe. They work hard to ensure planet earth commits suicide by doing nothing to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Why do people who have never read a book, never taken a university course, suddenly think their gut intuition trumps the detailed study of hundreds of thousands of scientists?

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)