Caterpillar, Villain

Caterpillar, the maker of heavy machinery, locked out its workers and said they could go back to work only if they agreed to their wages being cut in half. Imagine what would happen if your income were cut in half without notice. You would lose your house. You would have to immediately move to accommodation costing half what you pay now. But then you say, times are tough, what else could poor Caterpillar do? Wait a minute! The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Caterpillar takes home $20 million a year. Business is booming at Caterpillar. They are making $1 billion a quarter. They have no excuse. If Caterpillar is not forced to back down, or alternatively, put completely out of business, many other corporations will pull the same stunt. I am not ever likely to buy a bulldozer, so a personal boycott would not make much sense, but I can do my small part in smacking this arrogant bully senseless.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)