Ragging Hillary

The only thing Hillary did wrong was use the wrong email server. This was not a crime, just an error. Back then, perhaps 1% of Americans even knew what an email server was. An exec like Hillary should have called in an IT (Information Technology) tech to install and configure the server. Hillary failed to do this because, from her non-tech perspective, there was nothing to do. The existing server left over from the Bill Clinton administration was working fine.

Because of improper Republican pressure on the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), the FBI investigated this many times. They found each time no crime had been committed. Hillary had no intent to commit a crime. It was an innocent error. Further, the mistake resulted in no harm. They went on a fishing expedition, reading all her private emails even though the contents of the emails had nothing to do with the alleged crime.

Unscrupulous Republicans exploited public ignorance to tout the mistake as a crime worse than treason.

Even as late as 2018, Republicans were still improperly pressuring the FBI to reopen the case yet again and convict Hillary. The only reason the Republicans want this is for a smokescreen to distract from Trump’s serious crimes. They know damn well Hillary did nothing illegal.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)