WWIII (World War III)

During the election, Trump said, I love war, including nuclear war. Since he took office, he has been trying to goad Kim Jong Un into nuclear war. He has been trying to sabotage the Iran deal to let them develop nuclear weapons. He has explained many times that risks turn him on.

He asked, What is the point of nuclear weapons if you don’t use them. He does not understand they are intended solely as a deterrent.

If he attacks North Korea as he claims he plans to, he will kill 25 million innocent North Koreans with millions more in collateral damage in surrounding countries. Hitler killed only 6 million in the Holocaust. There is even more moral necessity to take Trump out than there was to take out Hitler.

Trump is crazy as Dr Strangelove.

For some reason, Republicans are still supporting him. Their foolishness could well be rewarded with WWIII. If nukes do not get them, climate change will. Ever increasing cumulative CO₂ levels heat the air, which heats the oceans which power ever more destructive and frequent hurricanes.

At the very least, congress must take away his power to launch a first strike nuclear war. The constitution says that power rests with congress. Congress must reassert it.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)