Why Trump is Unacceptable

Trump must be removed from taking office, by hook or by crook because he does not meet the minimum standards of sanity. Why?

You simply cannot mess around the with the fate of vertebrate life on earth. Trump is far more dangerous than Hitler. Hitler did not have the tools to end life on earth. All he could do was kill millions of people and make them speak German. With a press of a button, Trump will kill off 7.601 billion people and all the species in your kids’ picture books.

Trump said I can save you without some silly cross.. Surely that is an indication of an extreme delusion of grandeur. The catch is with nukes, Trump can destroy the earth, just as Jesus is reputed planning to do. Trump is so manic, he does not even have the sense to keep such bizarre ideas to himself.
Trump huger than Jesus click to watch

In the middle of the campaign, Trump took a week out to feud with a Argentinian reality TV star. He has the attention span of a two year old. That is not sufficient for a president.

On an emotional level, Trump is repulsive. He is the crassest person I have ever encountered. He tells the biggest lies most often, he has been charged with paedophilic gang rape, he is a bigot, but that is nowhere near sufficient reason to reject the legitimacy of his presidency. However, his mad twin plans to end life on earth are sufficient.

Democracy depends on the people accepting the results of elections, no matter what sort of rotter is elected. This was why Trump’s assertion he would not accept the election unless he won caused such a stir. However, for Trump himself, I think we need to make at exception. Hearing the nuclear attack sirens, we will feel so naïve for letting his madness pass.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)